Minimal Bias

An exploration of cognitive bias through design. During my work with data and data visualisation I am struck by how often bias and human error can make a massive difference in the results. Humans are by their nature fallible. In order to understand my own fallibility I researched into cognitive biases and tried to synthesise my findings through the medium of graphic design. As a data visualisation designer, I'm constantly working with data and trying to uncover insights that can inform decision-making. But in my work, I've come to realise that bias and human error can have a massive impact on the results we see. The result is a series of designs that explore a range of cognitive biases, from confirmation bias to the framing effect. Each design uses simple shapes and minimal text to convey a powerful message about the impact of bias on our thinking.
Through my work, I hope to raise awareness of the role that bias plays in our decision-making processes and encourage others to think critically about the data they work with. After all, only by acknowledging our own fallibility can we hope to overcome it and make truly informed decisions.
To add a extra layer of challenge I tried to do it with as little 'ink' as I could. I also took inspiration from the fantastic Geometry Daily and made my own paper textures.

Self-initiated project.
All shapes and textures 100% generated in computer.