Infographic for Supplement Centre. Working with Alban Digital

Supplement Centre (herein SC) wanted something that was fun and eye-catching for their blog. They had a set of statistics worked out which they supplied to me in the form of an infographic script. It was fun to try and work out where everything should go. 

A lot of the objects were done in Illustrator’s rudimentary 3D plugin. It can do a few tricks like extrude or rotate a curve around an axis. But if you want anything more complex than than you have to get creative: so a lot of the objects are made from two or more extrusions or rotated curves that are made independently then composited together. The Stairmaster was made of probably 8 or so objects like this.

This was one of those projects that happened very fast. From the initial email to delivery of the final piece, it was probably ten days or less. There wasn’t really much feedback either. I love it when a plan goes to plan.

I think if I had done something like this again I would probably use Blender to make the 3D elements, and I would make the typography work harder. I remember doing a lot of illustrations of people like this around this time.

This piece was published on the SC blog and generated an impressive amount of traffic for them. It’s always nice when clients write back to you later to tell you how well received a piece of work has been.